Are your employees constantly giving cold shoulder to each other? Are they in fierce competition with one another leading to burnouts at workplace? Instead of working as a team, are they oozing out hostility in the form of disparagement, gossip, and bullying? If you notice any of these aforementioned behaviors among your employees, it’s a warning sign your office culture needs a fix, right now.

Here are five prominent signs to keep an eye on:

     1. Overtiredness

Overtiredness is one of the most common reasons for a person to stress out causing inefficiencies at work. Stress due to overtiredness can lead to foolish workplace blunders.

Headaches, dizziness, irritability, etc. are all primary signs of overtiredness. If your employees exhibit any of these symptoms, there is a good chance that they are not well-rested.

     2. Frequent Workplace Conflicts

Conflicts at workplace could also possibly be ego related, where each one may have this unrealistic perception that without their presence, the company would not be able to function. Also, competition within groups could lead to the rivalry which could also eventually break into hostility and unresolved bitterness.

     3. Increased Gossips and Disparagement

Gossiping is one of the common traits of an individual and every workplace breeds it. To top it, disparagement makes the entire thing worse. Disparagement refers to a false claim that could damage a person’s reputation at work.

Gossip at the workplace could lead to the defamation of character. It is an unethical practice. Employers and employees must take extra efforts to discourage employees engaging in this unethical behaviour that could tarnish someone’s image at work leaving them disengaged and unproductive at work.

     4. Overtly Bossy Managers

Overtly bossy managers are the ones, who consistently feel the need to assert their dominance. Subordinate employees seldom get the liberty to voice out their opinions. Sometimes, this could also take the form of verbal bullying which would end up hurting people’s feelings and self-image.

     5. Frequent Excuses

 Frequent complaining from your employees could be a critical sign your employees are unhappy or unsatisfied in terms of work and office environment. Hence, it is incredibly important to keep your employees creative and motivated.


It is important to establish a positive and playful work culture or atmosphere before it blows up your business. A negative and unfavourable work culture on the other hand could increase employee turnover rates with some long-term employee retention problems.

Hence, in order to establish better social stability and improve employee retention, you ought to beat office blues and make the necessary changes in your office work culture.

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