5 Reasons to break-up with Traditional Payroll

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Traditional Payroll
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In today’s mobile age, where business is done anytime, anywhere and from any device, it is time start-ups and SMEs embrace advanced and cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Mobile and cloud technology has a pivotal role to play in this technological revolution.

As businesses are attempting to outdo their competitors at a lightning speed today, smart and efficient payroll / human resource management have become enormously crucial and a business cannot afford to overlook the same.

Nevertheless, with the inception of cloud based HR software, businesses particularly SMEs and start-ups now get the liberty of maintaining, controlling and optimising their payroll in an efficient, affordable and simple manner.

In fact, many businesses already are making the big move to cloud not only for data sharing and storage purposes, but also for critical business management solutions such as ERP, CRM and certainly payroll software.

Here are 5 reasons to break-up with traditional payroll:

1. Free up your IT resource/team: Since everything is on remote servers with a cloud based payroll software, there is no need to install or setup any on-premise software or hardware thus, zero maintenance overheads. Don’t worry about software updates either, because updates are triggered directly from the cloud servers saving your IT crew from the pains. With all data being stored on a secured cloud platform, no worries of data security breach or theft.

2. Affordable: As mentioned above, there is no need of getting aboard expensive hardware and software thus, saving great deal of money. Therefore, SMEs and start-ups too can enjoy the benefits of an enterprise-quality payroll software like the big companies, but in an economical way without bombing their budgets.

3. Payroll anytime, anywhere: A cloud based payroll software provides the liberty to access your payroll data even on the run. It empowers HR professionals to access and process payroll from their laptops, tablets and mobiles from anywhere and anytime. This means payroll in real-time, on the move and in a quick way.

4. Scalable: Cloud based HRMS solution is fully scalable and thus, can easily accommodate organisational changes. And with the fantastic pay-as-you-go subscription models to choose from, it doesn’t take a toll on your budget either. Pick a plan that suits your company size and pay only for what you use. Thus, cloud based HR software can grow with your business addressing the evolving payroll and human resource management needs seamlessly.

5. Automation: Cloud based payroll solution simplifies and automates key aspects of payroll processing. For instance, with formula based earning and deduction computation, processing payroll, tax and TDS returns is no more a tedious and time-consuming task. Get rid of redundancies in payroll processing and all those unnecessary as well as complex procedures and pave way for a kid-friendly payroll.

So if you are still stuck amidst manual tax/salary computations, heaps of spreadsheets and tiresome cheque preparations at the end of every month, it’s time to break-up with your conventional payroll for good and pave way for an advanced, faster and intelligent cloud based payroll software. It will save you money, time as well as help you bid farewell to those painstaking manual salary and tax calculations.

To learn more on how a cloud based HCM software can simplify payroll for SMEs and start-ups in a pocket-friendly way, feel free to visit Pocket HRMS.


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