5 Reasons HR needs to take off with SaaS

Reasons HR needs to take off with SaaS
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If you think that there has been an exponential surge in the number of cloud-based or SaaS solutions for HR in the market, you are absolutely correct. Yes, the HR industry is witnessing the best tech revolution ever. In fact, technology has become an integral part of how the HR departments work these days. SaaS or Software-as-a-Service with its unmatched flexibility, agility, and scalability is turning out to be the key driver for human resources management for businesses across the globe.

For those in the HR industry, chances are that they may be already utilizing some kind of Software-as-a-Service or SaaS solution. Being multi-tenant, SaaS is currently the talk of the town for the HR industry. These solutions range from payroll processing to performance management systems.

Here are 5 reasons HR needs to take off with SaaS:

     1. It won’t bomb your budget

Low implementation and maintenance costs associated with a SaaS solution is the single most factor that is driving more and more number of companies towards it. In addition, traditional or in-house HR solutions often call for additional IT crew and tools, whereas in SaaS, resources are deployed from the vendor’s end often coming as a boon for HR.

     2. Secure and portable

SaaS solutions are accessible from almost any place and at any time. All you need is reliable Internet connectivity and your desktop/laptop or mobile phone to get going. It is a boon when it comes to managing employees and their data across multiple geographies. Talk about attendance management on the go. Further, a centralized data hub and state-of-the-art security protocols make SaaS a fully secure and private option.

     3. Makes your HR a superhero

SaaS can make it possible for your HR department to perform stuff it has never been able to do before. Since it offers a unified hub for all your crucial HR data, you get everything at the click of a button and at your fingertips improving productivity and efficiency. Getting rid of the cumbersome admin tasks is no more a big deal.

     4. Excellent integration capabilities

One of the coolest things about the SaaS solution is that it integrates seamlessly with other commonly used business process solutions and third-party applications e.g. biometrics time tracker. This excellent integration capability allows human resource professionals to collect as well as leverage data across diverse functions and platforms. This is something that is not available with traditional tools.

     5. Configured to befit a range of organizational needs

Contrary to misconception, SaaS is fully flexible and works great for SMBs, start-ups as well as large-scale organizations. These are meticulously configured to suit specific business needs with excellent turnkey functionalities that do not need hours of tedious coding, but a few switches to get the job done.

To know more about how a SaaS or cloud-based payroll software solution can give wings to your HR department, click here . You can also write to us at sales@pockethrms.com or simply give us a shout-at Twitter or Facebook.


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