5 Phrases Managers Should Never Throw At Their Employees

If you wish to have a strong, professional and ethical relationship with your employees, then you as a leader ought to communicate with them in the most transparent and honest way. Moreover, it all starts with shunning pointless cliché.

Tweaking your speech and thinking is a giant leap toward strengthening your leadership abilities as well as fortifying relationships with your employees. This is what differentiates a great leader from the mediocre.

Here are five phrases that managers need to avoid at all cost:

     1. “This truly was not an easy decision to make.”

Yes, every employee hears this phrase quite repeatedly from his/her manager, which is often followed by a streak of disappointment. It is difficult to deliver bad news for a manager, but avoid using cliché instead tell your employees the reasons behind why it was a tough decision to make.

     2. “There is never ‘I’ in teamwork.”

Resort to basic words here always. We all know teamwork and employee engagement is crucial for every organisation and manager, but individual contributions are important as well. Thus, by using this particular phrase, you are in a way discounting the individual contributions of each employee in your company.

     3. “With that economic crunch, you are lucky to be here.”

Nothing can kill the morale of your people than this statement. When your people approach you with legitimate issues, make sure that you address all their concerns minus scolding. However, such statement can make the employees feel disgruntled and ashamed. The worst! Employee might switch the company.

     4. “We need to achieve more with less.”

This is again something that employees hear often from their managers. “You will need to work for more extended hours minus the expectations of a fat pay because your boss didn’t made expected profits.” Business is difficult, but it doesn’t make sense to burn out your employees either. Avoid setting unrealistic goals and ensure to fairly compensate your people for their hard work and dedication.

     5. “This is how it’s done”.

It has to be one of the worst phrases that a manager can tell his/her employees. Never tell your people to stop thinking and innovate. How can you expect to have innovation without allowing your employees to think independently? As a matter of fact, this statement infers that your employees are good for nothing, which is a serial morale killer.

True leaders speak with caution. They ensure that their words are true, precise and necessary. In addition, employees appreciate their every effort.

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