5 Line-of-Life Features Every HR Software Must Have

Features Every HR Software Must Have
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When HRMS solutions were first introduced to the business world a few years ago, there was a widespread hesitation to make that shift from paper HR to digital HRMS systems. Reason being they were too expensive and technically toiling.

Nevertheless, things have a changed a lot lately, as today’s HRMS software solutions are a lot more economical, cost-efficient, empowering and user-friendly. They make human resources management a lot easier by automating the mundane cumbersome processes enabling strategic employee data management at the click of a button.

However, not all systems are equally powerful and thus, one should always do the homework prior to buying any HR & payroll software. Here are 5 line-of-life features every HR software must have and that make it powerful and the best value for money.

     1. Attendance Management

 For any business, the biggest productivity assassin is leaves taken by its employees. This is why your online attendance management system ought to efficiently and accurately track, record, calculate and manage sick leaves, paid holidays, vacation leaves, etc. Your timesheet management system should save your HR and admin crew from the nightmares of timesheet rectifications by automating the process of attendance tracking.

     2. Accessible on the run

Today, business processes and decisions take place on the go Thanks to the exponential popularity and adoption of mobile and cloud technology. Thus, it is advisable to opt for a cloud based HRMS solution that is accessible on the run. Be it from a different office, country or when traveling, the system should allow your HR people to work on the go.

     3. User Friendly

If your HRMS software is difficult to use, you might not get the expected return on investment (ROI). Make sure that the system you pick is easy to use for all the users destined to work on it. Remember the system should not come as a burden to your employees. Rather it should be looked upon as a boon and a user-friendly HRMS solution can address this dilemma quite well.

     4. Self Service

Your HRMS system should allow employees to securely sign in, access and update their personal information from the smartphones through HCM self service app. Employees should be able to request for day-offs, download payslips, check their payroll details, tax, etc. on the go. Eureka! Since the self service app empowers the employees to do so, it frees up your HR department.

     5. Insightful Reporting

Your HR and payroll software should weed out all the manual efforts out of the reporting tasks by providing template based and insightful reports. Plus, it should ease the task of generating and managing HR MIS reports on performance, attendance, leaves, etc.

Overall, your HRMS software has to be powerful when it comes to managing employee data, offering user-friendliness and insightful reporting.

To know how a feature-rich cloud based payroll software can give wings to your HR, contact us here. You can also write to us at sales@pockethrms.com or simply give us a shout-at Twitter and Facebook.


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