5 Leadership Hacks to create a Transparent Workplace

For those unaware, workplace happiness and transparency are interconnected. This is the reason why workplace transparency is turning out to be more and more crucial than ever for entrepreneurs and business leaders these days.

A number of businesses are trying to pursue workplace transparency in some way or the other. Improving transparency at workplace is undoubtedly the best way to developing strong relationships with your people. In fact, it is an integral aspect when it comes to establishing lucid and clear communication across the organisation. Here are five leadership hacks to help make your organisation’s work environment an open book.

1. Ensure that all your leadership strategies are well-aligned: Yes, leadership ought to be on the same page meaning all your business goals should be well-aligned across the organisation. A common mistake that deteriorates workplace transparency is leaders opposing each other. Thus, ensure to establish transparent organisational values. In addition, make the decision-making process clear & transparent. Whenever possible, empower your employees to steer the company in its decision-making process.

2. Recruit right: When hiring, look out for candidates who honestly brag about what they are aware of and what they aren’t. Today, most of the talent acquisition experts and HR managers prefer online recruitment wherein they can perform online research on potential candidates. They simply do not wish to recruit someone, who has lied in a job interview or fakes his/her resume.

3. Promote face-to-face communication: Though we live in the 21st century where people love to stay connected 24 x 7, the archaic method of face-to-face communication is still the best means for optimum employee engagement. It eliminates the odds of any miscommunication, as one can clearly see a person’s facial expressions and body language during face-to-face communication.

4. Treat your people fair: The cornerstone of workplace transparency is to ensure that no one is above the rules and protocols of your organisation. Therefore, leaders shouldn’t breach company policies or protocols in the same way employees shouldn’t.

5. Have an open-door policy: Make sure that you are accessible to your employees all the time and this is achievable if you follow an open-door policy. Also, motivate business leaders and managers to follow suit. Lastly, look out for signs your employees hate you.

So these are five common yet basic leadership tricks to improve as well as promote workplace transparency. Yes, workplace transparency is the New Green for a productive, engaged and contended workforce.

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