5 Dynamic Measures in the New Normal For HR

New Normal For HR
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The spread of Covid-19 is changing our work-life and personal-life in ways we couldn’t have even thought of in our dreams. Today’s business new normal business strategy needs to be at par with the changing world.  

Many employers are facing work-from-home difficulties, many Covid-19 positive workers, which is disrupting their work cycle to a great extent. The unexpected scenarios brought upon by the pandemic requires a continuous realignment of new strategies.  

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Here are 5 dynamic measures in the new normal for HR. Like- 

Crisis management- 

The job of handling crises is not going to disappear as at every step, companies are going to be faced with new challenges. Possessing a crisis management team can prove beneficial to all the organizations as no matter what the problem, they will be ready to face it successfully.  

It is essential to create a crisis command center to handle strategic and logistical challenges and provide up-to-date information to the seniors of the company so that they can create a new strategy accordingly.  

Every employee of the company, from bottom-line to the top-line, should be aware of who is doing what.  

Managing workforce- 

Employees are the company’s most crucial assets, and during this challenging time, all of them are going to be concerned about their well-being and safety. The HR department and the employers will have to take extra measures to ensure that their employees are tension-free and secure.  

The first new normal business strategy of many organizations is to decide which team can work from home without any hassle. By doing this, they will get an idea of where the business might lack.  

For organizations that suddenly had to adjust to the idea of working remotely, it is hard to set everything up and at the same time ensure that the business is smooth-sailing.  

They are facing many challenges such as ensuring that the right tools are used, the technology is secure and robust, and making sure that the employees are working efficiently and productively.  

Managing mental health- 

The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. Nobody had imagined that they would have to face such a time, thus managing everything has become overwhelming. Ensuring that the employees are mentally and emotionally healthy should be a prime concern for the employers.  

It is important to be in regular touch with your seniors and your co-workers. It is not necessary to have a work-related conversation, you can share what you are feeling and ask them to share the same.  

The Covid-19 has impacted us all in different ways. The frightening thought that you also might contract the virus, can affect your mind terribly. Staying isolated in quarantine also has affected a lot of people, especially those who stay alone, away from their family.  

Sharing what is bothering you with others will help you once you resume work. Remember that you are not alone and what you are going through, everyone else is too. Be grateful that you have gone through the tough times and succeeded, and now you make the most out of it.  

Manager’s Role-  

If you are the manager of the company, you have to be more compelling and powerful than ever. Don’t pressurize your workers to make the business grow rapidly, be patient. Give time to adjust, and once everyone is in the comfort zone, the business will grow automatically.  

As an employer, you will surely feel a sense of responsibility towards your workers, but try cutting them some slack if they are having productivity or performance issues. After resuming work in the office, the employees might call in sick frequently, show irritability, anger, and withdrawal from work.  

Be considerate of their needs and keep reminding them that they can always count on you. Also, just because you have responsibility on your shoulders, doesn’t mean you should not take care of yourself.  

Only when you are positive and healthy-minded, you can make sure your employees are too.  

Taking things slowly–  

The way employees are working during the pandemic will certainly change once they are back to working at the office. It is a long journey ahead, and things may not go back to how they were before, but this can be used to your advantage and you can experience things from a new perspective 

Take care of yourself, your colleagues, and managers, and take one step at a time.  


In this new challenging world, the companies have to apply new normal business strategy to make sure that the employees are comfortable and can work productively and efficiently even during this crisis.  

By applying the above-mentioned measures, the companies can emerge from the crisis even more strongly and successfully.  To learn more about remote working, check our recent blogs. Also, write to us at sales@pockethrms.com.


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