4 Trends that will Turbocharge HR functions in 2022

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As we have officially marched into 2022, businesses are keen on planning their human resources management approaches. 2022 seems to be an exciting year with lots of technological innovations under pipeline with greater emphasis on employee engagement. Here are four trends that will turbocharge HR functions in 2022. So where HR can go from here, let’s have a look.

     1. Technology to play a key role in dynamic learning

Technology undoubtedly will continue to advance and we can expect some major trend disruptions in how human resource approaches development and learning in this year. Technology would assist businesses to offer on-demand and customised learning programs to their employees. Further, it will help improve the on-boarding experience, skills development, soft skills improvement, etc.

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     2. Brace for real-time engagement

Yes, workforce engagement will influence every level of an organisation right from profits to morale to productivity. Many businesses depend on surveys when it comes to understanding employee engagement. These surveys often produce a historic view of engagement levels. But when in reality, the levels are not static. For instance, a horrific interaction or a fantastic bonus with a manager can cause the engagement levels to plummet or skyrocket. Thus, HR managers and leaders are fast acknowledging the need for having a pulse on engagement and leverage real-time technology and tools to track and respond to the varied engagement levels.

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     3. Demand for HR talents with analytics to go up

With the changing business ecosystem, the role of human resource talent is undergoing seismic shifts. So in 2022, many businesses will look out for HR talents with specific tech skills. A few top contenders may include marketing talent, data analysts and HR analytics with great emphasis on employer branding skills.

     4. More focus on candidate experience

Tighter talent marketplace would increase the sourcing diversity and thus, there will be more focus on candidate experience. As the talent market get tighter in 2022, businesses will have to diversity their talent sourcing strategies. It will include a blend of employer branding and internet marketing tactics. Businesses will have to focus on delivering outstanding employee and candidate experience to attract and retain the best talents.

In 2022, HR professionals will have more advanced tools at their disposal. The challenge is to channelize these resources in creating business outcomes in such a way that it generates optimum results for the business.

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