4 Things the HR is Thinking when Interviewing a Candidate

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Interviewing a Candidate
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Irrespective of whether it is your first interview or you have appeared for interviews a million times, the interview process is always hectic. It is not only about presenting your best, but also about knowing what the company and/or hiring manager is looking for.

Today’s job market is tough is getting tougher with each passing day. Often, candidates after cracking the final round of interview fail despite of making the right moves. All you hear is “we’ll get back to you” or “better luck next time”.

Have you ever thought the reason that sabotaged the odds of your selection? What makes other candidates different from you?

What is it that interviewers think while interviewing a candidate?

      1. The “hidden hiring criteria”

You might have heard the saying – First impression is the last impression. Remember this when you go for an interview. The interview team will consider your appearance besides your professional background. Hence, you need to be formal and well-groomed. Avoid messy looks, flashy and provoking outfits.

      2. How will you contribute?

Sometimes, the most qualified candidate fails to get the desired job. You may be a perfect match as per the given job description, but that does not mean you are the best. The interviewer would want to know your work behavior. The recruiter here would check a candidate’s ambitiousness towards work. The job description is only a small criteria set to hire. The major and important criteria is whether you are a perfect “fit” for the job!

     3. Do you actually understand your job responsibility?

Every employer would want to know that whether you are capable enough to serve the job. Since you are shortlisted, they are aware of your professional skills. What they don’t know is whether you will be an effective addition to the company, who fits in well. Hence, be ready for questions like “Why are you interested in this position?” etc. Fit is the real concern that every recruiter is worried about and thus, they test your quick learning capacity, confidence, sense of humor and maturity level.

    4. Do you truly respect the company and the role/department you applied for?

Hiring managers want to be sure about level of excitement for the applied position. Thus, make sure that you go through the job description thoroughly before the interview and relate yourself to the role. Most interviewers ask questions like “Have you gone through our website?” The reason behind asking such question is to check how prepared you are for the interview. So, before stepping into the shoes, go through the company’s website, study the job role, learn about its products/services, management team, history etc. Your active and positive response indicates a good professional demeanor and shows your attentiveness and keenness towards the job.

Follow the above tips and sail your way to fetching your dream job. Nevertheless, you have to spend some time practicing in order to make your interview a success!

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