4 Tested and Foolproof Practices for Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition
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By tradition, recognition at workplace has long been associated with stuffs like ‘employee of the month’ and perks/bonuses. Unfortunately, these fail to drive the much-needed engagement at workplace these days.

Patting an employee for a job done well isn’t enough these days. In fact, employees feel like a cog in the wheel thus, feeling undervalued. If your employees don’t fee adequately recognised for their efforts, they are likely to quit. Remember dissatisfied employees can throw your business off the track completely.

A smart way to fix this is adopting best and sound practices for optimum employee recognition. Time to break the bad and come up with something more innovative when it comes to recognising your employees.

Here’s how to nail at employee recognition:

     1. Make it a frequent thing

Employees toil hard all through the year. So it is unjust to recognize their efforts only once in a year. Instead, provide consistent positive feedbacks and praise, as it helps develop a culture of applause. Do not be afraid to pat an employee for a job well done. Another tip is to use peer-to-peer recognition practices for backing your recognition culture. This empowers the employees to share shout outs. Understand that peers are top drivers of workplace happiness and satisfaction. Thus, crowdsourcing recognition from peers can help build a team that works together and is cohesive.

     2. Make it specific

Another core issue that many employees complain of when it comes to recognition programs is they are too generic. So if your recognition approach is a one-size-fits-all thing, then you are in a way failing to demonstrate to the employees that they are valued. You can address this issue by making a formal announcement in a company meeting that a particular team is doing good. Small rewards such as a gift card for an individual employee who steered a project successfully can work great.

     3. Make it personal

When dealing with introvert employees, then a formal email or company announcement might not do the trick for you. Here, a handwritten note would work wonders. Showing your employees that you took time out from your busy schedule to appreciate their good work is sure to touch your people. On a similar note, remembering the birthday of an employee and gifting a card to him or her signed by each employee in the office will make a huge difference.

     4. Make it fun

Few folks tend to get a gush of thrill when announced employee of the month. However, employees would find the entire thing more fun when the management gamifies the employee recognition. Keep it friendly. Organising treats randomly or after churning out a deadline is an excellent way to showcase your appreciation and is a sure turn on.  Offering food coupons is another way to keep the recognition fun.

Often, people perceive employee recognition as a fuzzy and warm concept that fails to influence them. This is because companies and HR managers have been using the same old ideas again and again. Remember that employees when feel valued and appreciated are likely to stick with a company for a long time.

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