4 Social Hiring Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Social Hiring Trends
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Since its inception, social media has been a butt of joke when it comes to recruitment. In fact, it has been long regarded as a taboo subject for hiring. However, on a brighter side, we have been witnessing a steep rise in social media platforms for recruitment in the past few years. The prime reason for this revolutionary paradigm shift is the evolution of social media and its users. As more and more individuals are flocking to these platforms, it makes complete sense for talent acquisition experts, recruiters and HR people to embark on the social media journey. Though 2016 was a great year for social media recruitment, we are expecting it to get bigger and better in 2022.

Here are 4 social hiring trends to watch out for in 2022:

     1. Social media for better candidate experience and customer service

Unfortunately, many businesses still don’t use social media for customer service and/or support, which is an alarming thing. The number is much lower when we talk about recruitment. In 2022 and beyond, an increasing number of candidates will be expecting to reach out to potential employers via social media platforms or channels. This includes before, during as well as after the recruitment process.

This is why talent acquisition experts and recruiters/employers ought to venture into the world of social media to bridge the gap between potential candidates/talents and companies. Be it an individual recruiter account or career-specific one, businesses that fail to interact and engage with job seekers on social media are certainly hurting the entire candidate experience to a great extent.

     2. Video will take the centre-stage in 2022 and beyond

Though already begun, the demand for creating more of video content would see a great surge in 2022 and years ahead. This is the reason why social networks are increasingly offering video capabilities to their users. Reason being video content has higher rates of engagement compared to text and audio content.

Though Twitter and Facebook are ruling in video content arena, Instagram is fast catching up with the heat thus, expect to see a rise in those Insta videos as well in 2022. Video marketing especially live video feature offers recruitment people great opportunity to develop and boast about their company culture, etc. If done in the right way, it would help stand out in the crowd. Thus, we cannot undervalue the power of videos for recruitment in 2022.

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     3. Website content – biggest social media challenge for businesses

The biggest challenge today is tracking website traffic coming from social media channels. Coming to recruiting, it is the traffic coming to a company’s careers site or page from these channels. At the end, the goal of any social recruitment campaign is to build and develop employer brand and attract candidates. The best way to achieve this is by getting candidates on your career website or webpage via social media channels.

But how to do that? It all begins by optimising your social media platforms and by posting great engaging content. Also, get ready to see HR and talent acquisition experts teaming up with marketing folks to create some amazing content in the future.

     4. Brace yourself for more of Instagram

Yes, one of the coolest and fastest growing social media platforms, Instagram is set to become the hottest place for businesses in 2022 to recruiting new talents. In fact, the percentage of businesses that would be using Instagram will be much higher than that of YouTube. Think of it as a goldmine for recruiters and talent acquisition experts.

Instagram allows hiring experts to exhibit their company and drive their recruitment campaigns to new heights. Whether it’s stories, videos or behind-the-scenes pictures, Instagram is sure to be a game-changer for recruiting experts.


Overall, these afore-mentioned social hiring trends would help hiring and talent acquisition professionals to rock at recruitment. It will be exciting to see how businesses embrace these trends to reach out and recruit best talents.

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