4 Secret Santa ideas your employees will actually look forward to

4 Secret Santa ideas your employees will actually look forward to

4 Secret Santa ideas your employees will actually look forward to

Finally the wait is over. Its Jesus’ birthday! Come, let’s gather all our enthusiasm and creativity to have a break from our daily office routine to grace the occasion. Let your inner Santa come out and make this day a memorable.

Secret Santa as we know involves exchanging of gifts in employees without even letting the recipient know their Santa. Isn’t it cool? But with poor management and planning of such interesting activity may lead to whole nuisance in premises with no fun. There are some points which must be considered while conducting Secret Santa:

  • State guidelines of playing the game

Such activities without any guideline can trench all those efforts put behind conducting it into sink. Proper management is needed in order to conduct it smoothly and rules and guidelines must be circulated to the employees. The guidelines could be list of banned items in order to avoid exchanging same kind of items every year, showpieces which is too common nowadays, or anything. Budget for these gifts can also be decided to avoid too expensive gifts. It must be mutually accepted.

  • Ensure that people are willingly participating 

This is the most important part in any activity. Before initiating any activity which involves expense, time, and involvement you must ensure that people are participating on their own will and not because of pressure or anyone else. This will bring maximum joy to the day. You can try to solve issues and queries of people who are not willing to involve. Write down the names of all participants on chits and call employees bay or department wise to pick a chit and avoid commotion.

  • Collect gift beforehand to ensure that everyone is getting a gift 

On the day of celebration, after everyone has bought gifts for their lucky recipients, you must collect all of them from every person aka Santa. This will eliminate any type of confusion of gifts and ensure that everyone is getting their gifts as decided. This must be performed in advance. Now you have also got a list of people who are not getting any gift because of some people who didn’t get it. So you can arrange gifts for them too from your side.

  • Distributing it with the help of housekeeping to ensure no commotion is caused

Now you have done with all the pre-activity processes of ‘Secret Santa’. That means you have all the gifts with you for your employees, some with clues and some without. Now all you need to do is distribute them to the decided receiver. Just be cautious about with whom you are distributing the gifts. Because distribution by employees may create confusions and may come to know the Santa name. Hence to ensure no commotion, housekeeping would be the best hands.

Hope this will help you spend your day well. Wish you a Merry Christmas!


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