4 Recruitment Sins That Shove Away Top Talents

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Recruitment Sins
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Just because your last hiring campaign paid-off well, it doesn’t mean that it would work the same for your future recruitment sprees as well. Since things are changing at warp-speed, bringing in new challenges for business leaders and thus, what worked today might simply turn futile tomorrow, and hiring people is clearly not an exception here.

Yes, there are a few tactics or rather we should say blunders that HR managers and hiring experts ought to stay clear from. These bloopers discourage and sway good candidates. So without further ado, let us unravel the 4 recruitment sins that shove away top talents:

1. Lengthy job descriptions: Is your job description repeatedly hollering the roles and responsibilities of the said position? Is your recruiting professional talking at painstaking length explaining about the role? If your answers are yes for both these questions, then you probably are shoving away a good number of candidates.

Always remember that the average attention span lasts not more than half a minute. So make sure to explain the job description thoroughly, but in a precise and quick manner.

2. Not being transparent: A good candidate will never appreciate if the hiring manager or HR professional is not transparent enough when it comes to introducing the company, its work culture, etiquette, etc. Answer all the queries of candidates patiently without losing your cool. The more you answer their questions, the more you are likely to recruit a candidate, who will make for a great fit for the organization.

Who knows you might even spot a narcissist in a job interview?

3. Refusing to negotiate: When it comes to negotiation, a lot of HRs commit the severe mistake of lowballing the candidate’s expectations. Surprisingly, the majority of employees tend to switch their jobs immediately for a salary raise, be it a mere 10% hike. You need to spare a thought for this.

Therefore, giving a blind eye to the financial expectations of candidates is sure to discourage them eventually causing them to walk out. So be flexible when making remuneration offers. You certainly would not want to lose out on a good candidate because you weren’t willing to shell out a few more bucks.

4. Endless and tiring rounds of interviews: This can seem a never-ending process for certain candidates. For instance, the candidate submits his/her application, which is followed by a telephonic interview, then a personal interview that is again followed by some test (aptitude, etc.), followed by another round of personal interviews. Phew, this certainly sounds tiring.

If you too are following the suit, then it’s time to rethink and revise your interviewing format. Remember top talents are always in great demand and such extensive and ceaseless interviews are huge turn-offs for them.

Last but not the least, no candidate would wait too long to get his/her offer. HR and recruiting managers should avoid making false promises. If you commit to follow-up after two weeks, you must do it without fail.

So these are four sins that HR and hiring managers tend to commit unintentionally that push away top talents turning the hiring campaign futile.

Just a little fine-tuning to your hiring process is all it takes to get you going!

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