4 Reasons You Should Hire Interns and 3 Reasons You Should Actually Pay Them

Reasons You Should Hire Interns
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Hiring interns is one of the most unofficial debates that a company has. Usually Interns are hired for short term because of many reasons such as short-term projects, CSR activity, fieldwork or simply for the reason that they can be hired at economical salaries compared to full time hires. Hiring interns is one experience that a company should have for varied reasons. Let’s see what are the 4 reasons you should hire interns and the 3 reasons you should actually pay them:

  1. Change in environment: Interns are usually either in college or freshers who are just passed out. When hired, they will sure be the youngest of the employees. This makes the people around them more open and comfortable to adjusting to newer generation and their attitudes while also giving them an opportunity to be a better mentor.
  2. Potential employees: The benefit of working with them is that during internship, they get to know the company, the products and the working style. This is a benefit, since they can adjust to the company better with shorter gestation period.
  3. Being social: Today being on social media is not a piece of cake and even so for companies. Younger generation is the one that understands the dynamics of Social Media very well. Hence, for companies who are starting new in Social Media or want to better their presence, should try hiring interns to do that. This short-term project can help a company gauge what to look forward to and build its marketing plans around the same.
  4. Field Work: If a company is launching a new product or simply taking feedbacks, they can choose to hire interns to do that. This benefits both the parties, since the company does not have to hire full time employees for the same and can save on outsourcing costs. For interns, they benefit in talking to the client first hand and getting a knowledge of the market.

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Hiring interns always is followed by the question of either paying them or not and if yes, then what to pay them. Here are three reasons why you should pay them:

  1. Good company image: A decent paycheck is always a good image booster for the company. By not compensating for the gruelling hours that the intern puts in, you are exploiting him/her and that is no way ethical. There is also a chance that a bad word from the student will bar you from entering into campus placements.
  2. Good experience for interns: Internship is always the first experience that a student will have of the corporate world and you do not want to be the one to scar it for someone. Plus today, with the world becoming closer, you do not want the intern to tell against your company on social media. Remember, Internet is the place that never lets you forget your past.
  3. An overall goodwill for the company: Everyone notices what happens in a company and so does how the company treats its interns. Behaving well with interns is sure to go down well with rest of the employees and them taking pride in the company and their work.


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