4 Outdated HR Technologies Your Company Needs To Shed Now

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Similar to professionals from any other industries, human resource personnel too are dependent on technology. Nevertheless, looking at the pace of advancements, certain technologies are deemed to go obsolete in the next few years or so.

So it might just be the time to replace these five outdated HR technologies. It’s time for businesses to look out for new and disruptive tech trends that are on the horizon.

     1. Traditional or Standalone HRMS Solutions

A good number of businesses are already in the process of replacing their traditional HRM software solutions, whereas a growing number of organisations are following the suit by completely doing away with old standalone HRMS solutions.

Cloud based HRMS solutions are catching up a lot of heat nowadays, as there is an upright increase in the number of companies going for automated online leave management system for simplifying attendance management, which is one of the integral aspects of an HR’s duty.

     2. Static Training Modules

Unfortunately, many employees have to face the brunt of spending extended hours on computers for training purposes. Good news is that HR leaders all over are shunning this traditional way of training employees and are turning to mobile these days.

Yes, it’s training on the go for the millennials. Since we are dealing with millennials that eat, sleep and breathe apps, mobile and technology, it makes complete sense to be on the same page. Eureka, employees get to decide the pace of training as well. Importantly, broadcasting important training details and information is a lot easy for employers and managers.

Employees can easily access audiobooks, training journals, podcasts, etc. on the go. Such disrupting tech trend is a good omen for HR.

     3. Lengthy Feedback Surveys

For years, HR personnel have been utilising a range of different methods to understand key employee patterns pertaining to attendance, performance, absenteeism, etc. Back then, it used to be a daunting and time-consuming task that required navigating through tons of spreadsheets and maintaining hundreds of sticky notes.

However, things have changed for good with the inception of automated and cloud based HRMS solution to take care of payroll, performance management, attendance, leave, timesheet, full and final settlement etc.

All the information is available at fingertips at the click of a button saving time and efforts for the human resource personnel.

     4. Inflexible On-boarding

Some HR experts have already begun using apps for employee on-boarding process. Nonetheless, they tend to overlook the fact that every new recruit is different from the other. Thus, using the same employee on-boarding process or technology may not work with all.

So these are not the only outdated tech trends or practices that HR people ought to reassess. However, they do signify certain factors that may be stopping employers as well as employees from delivering their best.

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