4 Must-Have Features in your HRMS software

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Must Have Features in your HRMS software
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A business runs on the caliber of an efficient HR department and the mighty workforce. Any development made into administration and management must be beneficial to both employer and employee.

Well, that’s good! You have decided to adopt an HRMS system for enhancing your human resources. Now the point – what prime features and must-have modules should be inclusive of HRMS?

The choice of the HRMS must be made on the basis of features that develops business performance and eases HR activities.

Let’s see 4 must-have features in your HRMS software:

  • Performance appraisal module

Automated appraisal management is one of the most needed HRMS software features these days. With employee experience becoming the core duty/ concern for HR, a transparent, and efficient system is the need. Degree feedbacks through performance appraisal system makes rewarding easier for the department.

  • Employee self-service portal

One for your employees! Self-service portal lets your employee feed data through their hand-held device and request leaves and track approvals all through the portal. it gives liberty to proceed with activities without even checking on HR manger.

  • HR chatbot

An AI-based chatbot can help save time and efforts of HR folks through easy and automated employee addressing. Integrated HR chatbot acts as an assistant to employees and visitors so that HR need not intervene frequently.

  • Online recruitment software

The hiring and onboarding process is all that makes the first impression of the company. Studies have said that more than 20 percent new hires leave organisation within a month of hire. A major role comes up of an inefficient hiring process.

Automated recruitment module of HRMS makes hiring procedure swift with easy to prepare templates and follow up with recruitment is made easier.

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