4 Hiring Hacks to get the Best Talent in 2019

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Before we get straight into the business, do you know what good talent means? So what is Good Talent in a firm or company? In its simplest form, it is nothing but an individual or group of employees, who are engaged in company activities and their contribution towards goal results in growth and profit.

Why is it important to look for such talent? Really? Do I need to answer this? A good talent in your talent pool can be the largest part of contribution to the turnover and hence with amazing workforce comes great success for the organization. Therefore, activities which result in attracting good talent for your firm must be the top priority for your HR.

So let’s get to the point. Below are some hiring hacks that can help you attract a good talent base for your company:

  1. Maintain a good online reputation: Employees often tend to switch to some other company with better reputation. There might be many online tools available that can be used to manage, maintain and develop a good reputation online but the best results are seen through social marketing or being active on social platforms to be specific. Big population of job seekers is seen online and by ignoring online presence, you would not be aware of what your current and past employees, clients and vendors think about you. Promoting your culture and recent activities like festivals you celebrate online can create a positive impact on job seekers. Yes, social media for recruitmentis a real thing and no business can’t afford to ignore it.
  2. Provide clarification for career path: In order to attract the right talent, you need to clarify and make them understand about their roles in the start itself. This leaves little to no ambiguity while on the job and helps the candidate to accept your offer faster. As soon as the candidate has a good career path set for him/her by their superiors, you can be assured of their complete involvement in the job and company with better outcomes. Leaving candidates in the dark and not being clear about their job roles can be harmful.
  3. Leverage your current employees: When it comes to hiring good and efficient talent, what would be better than your current employees themselves? Employees currently working in the company already know the environment and goals better. Internal hiring can be another good way to hire and retain good talent.
  4. Hire selectively: As discussed above, filtering the best candidates could be crux part of whole recruitment procedure. It involves investing lot of your time and expenses, which in turn demands for no mistakes at such crucial stage, which is selecting that one top talent. Instead, an online recruitment management systemcan save you time, which could rather be invested in making your presence more efficient or other productive activities.


If you are new to these concepts and still rely on those old school methods like maintaining spreadsheets that demand lot of human interference, then there is a huge chance that you have been left behind. In order to accelerate and win the talent acquisition race in 2019 and beyond, buckle up yourself with these recruiting hacks.

cloud-based HRMS software will not just help you make talent acquisition lot easier, but would also help you provide a seamless candidate as well as employee experience right from hiring to onboarding. To know how HR software could help you hire the right way in 2019 and beyond, or write to us at sales@pockethrms.com

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