4 Hacks that will make Life Easier for Your HR

4 Hacks that will make Life Easier for Your HR

4 Hacks that will make Life Easier for Your HR

“Loads of work, little time at hand.” Do you often hear your HR cribbing this statement? If yes, then you have landed on the right page, as this blog throws light on four cool suggestions to help curb some prominent problems faced by human resources personnel on almost daily basis.

So without further ado, let us unravel those four hacks that will make life a lot easier for HR:

     1. Appreciate always

The most vital element for HR success is a content workforce. Nevertheless, most of the entrepreneurs are unaware that they can achieve this with just a single word, i.e. Thanks.

Yes, showing your employees that you value them instigates a wave of productivity and morale across the organisation. Eureka! Appreciating and thanking your employees on a frequent basis plays a pivotal role in curbing employee attrition rates as well.

The appreciation thing should start from your HR department. On a weekly or monthly basis, send out personal ‘Thank You’ notes to your HR players appreciating their individual efforts and toils.

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     2. Wellness first

Businesses all over endure from loss of productivity due to sick leaves. Engaging your employees with workplace wellness programs could significantly curb sick leaves. Less illness means a healthier and happier workforce leading to reduced sick days.

For instance, HR can come up with something like ‘Fresh Fruit Juice Monday’ or ‘Walk to the Work Friday’ programs for encouraging a healthier and fit staff. Organising extra-curricular activities such as a cricket or ping-pong tournament on a frequent basis can go a long way in fostering a healthier workforce.

Note: Before rolling out any such wellness program, consult your employees beforehand. Ask for suggestions or ideas that they feel would make workplace fun and healthy.

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     3. Monitor Work Overtime

Workplace productivity tends to plummet big time if your employees are overworked. A smart way to tackle this problem is arming your HR department with a robust time tracking software to track the number of hours worked by each employee. Eureka! Besides allowing you to monitor work hours, the employee time tracker helps with accurate payroll calculations as well. Bid farewell to over/under paying employees.

     4. Monday Blues

A majority of employees hate the idea of micromanagement and prefer their own space and pace when it comes to delivering their optimum best. Nothing can work great to beat Monday blues than setting a weekly performance objective or goal for your employees. The mantra is to rinse and repeat!

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Maybe you are already following some of the afore-mentioned ideas. If not, then it’s high time to try out these simple yet effective hacks to make life easier for your HR.  Creating a happier and productive workforce is all about having a jovial and stress-free workplace culture.

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