4 Best Tips to stay Productive when Working from Home

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Tips to stay Productive when Working from Home
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Today, we will learn about ways you can stay productive while working from home, where there are limitless distractions. The period of March-April 2020 has made billions of working people work remotely. Now, work from home may seem interesting, but at the same time it brings challenges on staying productive and sane throughout.

The biggest difficulty of working from home is deliverables being the same as office but not the environment. The challenge here is the home environment.

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So, what are the tips you must follow while working at home? Here are 4 tips to stay productive when working from home:

  • Don’t be in Bed

Starting from when you wake up. This is one of the most common mistakes committed by home workers. Lot of them just wake up, get freshened up, grab their laptop and throw themselves on the bed again.

But this is not a good practice and must be avoided. Your mind in such position never makes you attentive towards work and you sleepy after some time. Instead, choose a private sitting position to work. This will make you mentally ready!

  • Schedule it

There are many who won’t follow this. But believe me, to keep yourself on track of workloads, this is one of the most effective tips.

Segregate your day in first half and second half. Divide your task for the day into 2 halves and then commence. Try it!

And, yes! Don’t forget to have short breaks.

  • Hide your Phone

Mobile phones! It will not be wrong blaming them the root cause of most of your distractions. The frequent pop-ups, spam calls and other notifies often takes you off track. What most of you would suggest is putting it on ‘silent’ mode.

Try this – Hide your phone behind your laptop (Don’t forget to put it on silent)

  • Turn ON lights

Some psychological tips – Turn ON the white LED lights of your room. The natural sunlight might seem fresh and effective for you to work. But remember you need to make the environment office-like. Turning ON electric lights might help you. This will help you stay focused in your work.

These were 4 best tips to make one productive while working from their house or casual environment. Looking for some more tips on making remote working easy and effective fir your organisation? Try reading some blogs here!

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