3 Tricky Workplace Situations HR can be your BFF

Workplace Situations
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For employees, HR often comes as a department that works for the success of the company and nothing else. The fact is that all such perceptions are false.

Alike any other department, the HR department varies from organization to organization. Ideally, the goal of every human resources department is to help develop the skills of employees and guide them to pass through tricky workplace situations that may include workplace harassment, discrimination, etc.

Here are three tricky situations wherein your HR can offer you some valuable assistance:

     1. On-boarding or Induction Process

So you have fetched the job. Next, the HR people will guide you through questions that you can ask on the floor and what not to ask, and all other stuff to make you feel comfortable and at home. HR is the first point of contact for all the new employees and is trained to guide employees smoothly during the entire onboarding and induction process.

     2. When it turns rough with a co-worker

You are facing a real tough time with one of your co-workers and at one point, you even decided to quit. But you love the job and don’t want to give up. After trying to settle things with that annoying co-worker in person only to be in vain, the next step is to connect with your lead or manager. If that doesn’t work, you always can lean on HR.

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You can expect attentive ears when confronting HR with your workplace problems. The human resources manager on the other hand ought to come up with sound and fair resolutions to address the problem.

     3. When You Long for Promotion

You are all set to take that next step in terms of your career, but are apprehensive about discussing the same with your boss? Why not turn up to HR? Yes, businesses these days believe in sound collaboration between HR managers and team managers to come up with career goals and paths for employees. Thus, HR can walk you through the most suitable approach.

This means that someone from the HR department may just assist you in your next promotion. Human resources is no longer confined to admin and paper-based responsibilities, as it had evolved into much more than that and is fast turning into an integral department that plays a crucial role in boardroom decision-making as well.

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Bottom Line:

Most oft, people tend to believe what they listen and the only times they turn up to HR are on-boarding paperwork, payroll errors, and exit formalities. It’s time to break the bad and approach your human resources department with open arms for they are the best friends forever that employees can turn up to in the event of any workplace problem.

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