3 Traits That Distinguish A Great Leader From A Mediocre

Traits That Distinguish A Great Leader
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How did Venus Williams, the tennis ace become one of the most successful entrepreneurs? She is the founder and the CEO of V Starr Interiors (interior design firm) and EleVen (Clothing line). How did Marc Benioff, who once developed and sold games turned out to be the founder and the most influential CEO of Salesforce, a top cloud computing business?

Yes, these are extraordinary people with amazing leadership qualities. They believe in nurturing strong teams abiding by the principles of robust leadership. They crave for new opportunities and challenges. Simply put, the better leader a person is, the more he/she can achieve.

Here are 3 traits that distinguish a great leader from a mediocre:

     1. Great leaders face challenges head-on

Both March Benioff and Venus Williams tackled complex problems that others turned a blind eye to. Confronting a complex problem infers that you are all geared to climb higher. Unfortunately, several entrepreneurs turn half-hearted when it comes to making hard decisions.

Successful CEOs and/or leaders are keen to make complex decisions in the nick of time. They also possess amazing vision and have an innate ability to see the future for themselves that others cannot. On one hand, Williams had sound multitasking skills and team player ability, whereas Benioff on the other hand had a great vision.

This is what drove them to where they are now!

     2. Successful leaders are pro when finding time to take up challenges

Working for long and extended hours is the synonym for being an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, there comes a phase in every entrepreneur’s life wherein working hard won’t do any good, since it may be time to make some big changes in the way you have been toiling yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you get off the grid as a businessperson. Instead, you ought to become a coach for your people by setting a strategy and direction for them to stride upon. Remember that great leaders trust their people. So being a coach rather than a boss or manager is the need of the hour. Always pay heed to signs your employees hate or love you.

     3. Great leaders aren’t afraid of breaking the stereotypes

By breaking a working structure or a specific business model or by eliminating a tool, you provoke rapid organizational change.

Things may go haywire or the disruption can trigger seismic shifts within the organization and your people. For many, it’s pretty much like jumping off a cliff. However, if executed with diligence and vision, the change can turn out to be a money-spinner.

So remember if you are breaking team structures, business models, or strategies for the right reasons, then you are growing as a great leader.

Marc Benioff and Venus Williams are great leaders not just because of their amazing vision and leadership qualities, but also because of their keenness in taking up new challenges and by being a role model for their employees.

They are passionate about whatever they do and always try to have fun in what they do.

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