3 Things HR People Should Stop Doing, Like Now!

3 Things HR People Should Stop Doing
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The role and function of human resource (HR) department has continued to evolve significantly over the last couple of decades. Today’s breed of HR has to deal with a whole lot of responsibilities compared to the times of baby-boomers. This includes recruitment, on-boarding, training, engagement, team building, etc. Simply put, human resources people of today’s era are responsible for strengthening and engaging the workforce. This is where their lives revolve!

Unfortunately, an alarming number of HR departments are stuck in rut when carrying out all these responsibilities. So let’s take a quick look at three things HR people should stop doing, like now!

     1. Terminating an employee immediately upon receiving a complaint against him/her

In the event of a rift between two co-workers, the HR ought to jump in at the earliest. They should schedule a preferable time and opportunity for both the parties to put their views on the table. With that being said, simply because a fellow employee is complaining about his/her co-worker, it doesn’t make the complaints valid. This is why human resources people should have a diligent approach when investing any such claims.

Rather than taking all the complaints at face value, HR folks ought to first get in touch with the complainant’s direct manager or lead. This should give a fair amount of idea whether the entire thing needs further investigation or not.

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     2. Soliciting too-much of personal information from employees

We all value and need our own space/privacy. There are instances that one would prefer sharing with the closest one only, if at all he/she wants to share it.

Whilst human resources people deal with confidential information of employees on a regular basis, they should avoid asking super-personal information, specifically when it’s irrelevant. For example, asking about a sickness if a particular employee is sick and resumes to work after a real long time.

Asking too-much of personal information can be quite embarrassing for a person, especially the shy ones. Follow the golden rule here. Never force employees to disclose too much personal stuff about themselves than you require. This is how successful HR managers develop strong and long-lasting relationships at work.

     3. Never play the favourite game

Let’s say John is your stellar marketing manager. He consistently outperforms his peers and you are all gaga over him for bringing revenue to the company. However, recently John starts behaving awkwardly and one of his teammates complains about him. Here, you need to make sure that you discipline John as well without going soft on him.

In simple words, HR departments simply cannot play the favourite game. To build trust, employees ought to be held at equal standards.

Keep away from the afore-mentioned three pitfalls, and employees shall feel more connected to the HR department than before, which eventually would improve employee engagement.

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