3 Things Every HR and Hiring Manager Should Fret For in 2022!

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Things Every HR and Hiring Manager Should Fret
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Of late, there has been a steep surge in the number of people leaving their companies for better opportunities. It can be attributed to a new and disruptive phenomenon known as ‘churn’, which occurs when a job seeker’s confidence reaches new altitudes. Simply put, it leads to top talents being hunt down by your competitors, which is something that recruiting and human resources managers just hate!

So as the going gets tough, the tough get going, here are 3 things every HR and hiring manager should fret for in 2022 and beyond:

     1.There’s a pool of data at our fingertips

Yes, it’s only a matter of time and equipping ourselves with the right tools to leverage this ocean of data available at our fingertips. For instance, predictive analytics is a fantastic tech trend that would go a long way to help HR and hiring managers to recruit in the right direction. See how predictive analytics is set to up the game for HR.

In addition, there are some amazing tools and solutions available to help gather and analyse employee data. A cloud based employee management system is the best example here, which serves as your perfect ‘hire-to-retire’ companion. Tracking employee performance, attendance, time, leaves and generating critical HR MIS reports will no more be dreadful for human resources personnel.

     2. Prevention is always better than cure

Even though you have bee constantly updating your boss about all the various challenges pertaining to retention and recruitment, he/she might not be giving you ears. It is only when the undermining pain of talent crunch starts to kick in affecting the organisation’s bottom line, the management’s eyes and ears tend to open. This is also when they would want to have immediate solutions and answers. Thus, bracing yourself for the imminent doom is the wisest step to ensure that your career stays on track. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

     3. Prep up yourself to essay your worth

This goes for every HR professional and hiring expert. It is imperative to quantify and assess how they intend to add tangible value to the business next year. And, it has to be an ongoing process. This is because management would be throwing them the same question. Recruitment and retention is expected to turn a lot more challenging in 2022 and ahead. Therefore, if you fail to offer metrics and data to back your efforts and strategies, the C-suite will waste no time in looking out for alternatives.

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