20 Best HRMS Software in India

20 Best HRMS Software in India
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There are multiple HR software for employee management in India, and finding the right one as per your requirements can be challenging. Getting an HRMS would be the best option to manage your ever-growing workforce if you have a business. Even if you are a startup, deploying an HRMS is an ideal solution as there are multiple statutory compliances to take care of, and any oversight might prove costly.
There are several factors to consider while searching for the ideal solution for your company, such as scalability, flexibility, adaptability, etc. One should also check the maximum number of users it supports and the technology used in designing it. Another critical factor is the deployment model; although companies generally opt for cloud-based systems, you should check with your team to understand whether that is the right path.

What is an HRMS?

A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is software that helps the HR department undertake its duties efficiently. It automates most of their administrative work and streamlines most of their tasks, thereby improving the department’s overall efficiency.
HRMS software is a staunch ally for the HR team as it helps with various tasks such as hiring and recruitment, leave and attendance management, employee management, payroll management, engagement, training and development, performance management, rewards and recognition, project management, employee self-service management, generating reports, as well as efficiently managing their exit process.
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Benefits of HR Software in India

Some of the benefits of deploying HR software in India are:

Enhanced Efficiency

The most basic task of a normal HR management software is to automate and streamline HR tasks and processes. However, modern human resource management software goes a step further and helps HR actively improve their processes thereby leading to overall improved efficiency. Additionally, due to automation, HRs have more time for implementing strategic plans for improving employee engagement.
With the help of HR management software, the HR personnel can also reduce the time associated with every administrative task. As a result, all the processes include time and attendance data collation, HR and payroll management and salary calculations, employee management, expense management, sending offer emails, generating payslips, developing custom reports, and more. Studies show that there is a 36% improvement in management workflow after the implementation of an HRMS.

Automated Compliances

With the growing complexity of the HR departments, there is a rise in the number and scope of statutory compliance that the company must comply with. The HR department is the one that ensures that the business complies with the multitude of employment-related legal regulations.
With the help of an HR solution, HR no longer need to manually ensure these compliances since the software remains updated even with the newest changes. HR managers can use the reporting modules to monitor and report on the compliances actively. It ensures that the company is safe from any penalties and lawsuits that would have proved costly for the organization.

Improved Engagement

Companies with advanced HRMS often have excellent features for improving employee engagement, which results in a productive and loyal workforce. Features like anonymous surveys, sentiment analysis, feedback management, etc., help the HR team understand the common of the employees towards their companies.
Modern HR solution is also equipped with an employee self-service (ESS) portal that helps the employees undertake their employment-related tasks with ease. Moreover, as most HRMS are cloud-based, they can also access it from anywhere using any smart device and complete their tasks. This kind of accessibility ensures that the employees remain engaged with the company for longer.

Accurate Attendance Management

Employee attendance is a critical aspect of HR management as its accuracy directly ensures the accuracy of the employee salaries. Hence, time and attendance data should be recorded and maintained with the utmost precision. A single error in the leave and attendance database could result in huge mistakes that could prove costly to correct down the line.
Hence, newer HRMS comes with time and attendance management baked into it with biometric-attendance systems. Such systems can help employees mark their daily attendance and correct them if required. Additionally, it also helps in remotely punching the attendance as the system can be accessed remotely.
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Better Decisions

With the help of HRMS, the HR department gets access to a massive amount of data that proves helpful in developing strategies for employee management and engagement. It results in better overall decision-making as the analytical data helps the team develop better plans for their workforce.
Since the HR team has more time on their hands, they can develop better strategies to improve their work experience and workforce morale. Since the HRMS takes care of compliance management and report generation, the HR personnel can work on other aspects of the organization that would help improve the overall employer branding.

Data Integrity & Security

Data Integrity is a significant issue in the HR industry which is eliminated by deploying an HRMS. An HRMS ensures that the employees have access to only the relevant section of their data. It is accomplished with the help of ‘usage access’ that is defined according to their roles in the organization. Separating the access in this manner helps create a level of abstraction that ensures that the data is not visible to everyone.
For example, a manager would be able to view the leave and attendance data of the employees working under them. At the same time, the HR department would have edit access for the same data. Such measures ensure that there is no malpractice in the company. Additionally, if any discrepancy is found in the data, it becomes easier with the help of HRMS to narrow down its source.

Advanced Analysis

Modern HRMS provide multiple options to generate various kinds of reports for HR. Since these systems can measure multiple metrics, they have the necessary tools for advanced data analysis and reporting. The data obtained from the HRMS proves instrumental in developing future strategies for the employees and the organization.
Additionally, the HR department also has access to various real-time data that helps make quick decisions whenever required. With such easy access to the organizational database, the HR personnel can easily correlate the metrics to the company’s business goals, thereby optimizing the HR team for further improving their efficacy.

20 Best HR Software in India

e have curated a list of the best HR software in India for start-ups to medium organizations. These software provide a good balance between features and cost and is mainly deployed on the cloud, a desirable feature for most companies. Additionally, almost all of them have a dedicated employee self-service portal. Some of them also provide the same functionalities on mobile platforms with the help of apps.
Let us look at the 20 best HRMS software in India:

1. Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is an innovative AI-enabled cloud-based HRMS platform. It comes with a dedicated ‘smHRt suite’ of enhancements that helps it go beyond a normal HRMS. It is a highly scalable and customizable solution that ensures you get maximum value for your money by deploying only the modules you currently require. You may add or remove modules down the line depending on your requirements.
It was founded in 2013, and the payment is yearly. They have start-up friendly plans, and you can contact them for custom pricing. They have a web app for the desktop platform and a dedicated app available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. They currently do not support APIs; however, they have custom integrations options and are ready to go the extra mile to meet your requirements. Additionally, they have multiple customer support options with phone, email, live support and training.

2. Keka

Keka’s website states that it was established to automate and simplify people processes so that organizations can concentrate on their employees. Keka is one of the best HRMS in India due to its pioneering approach to solving the problem of employee management. They have a simplified interface and intuitive design to keep the employee engaged. They aim to simplify the HRMS platform to ensure maximum effectiveness.
Keka is also a cloud-based HRMS. It was founded in 2014, and they have yearly payment plans. They have a web app for desktop and an Android app for mobile access. They have also provided API support to integrate with other applications. Their customer support options include phone, email, live support, and helpdesk tickets.

3. GreytHR

GreytHR is another cloud-based HR software that caters to different kinds of businesses, from small start-ups to large enterprises. They have excellent domain expertise and have a wide variety of clients. GreytHR assures its users of an intuitive experience and streamlined workflows.
Since it was founded in 1994, they have constantly updated their application as per the industry changes. They have both annual and per month payment options. Their web app can be accessed via desktops, and they have dedicated mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, they provide API for integrations and support multiple customer service options such as phone, email, live support, training, and ticket generation via helpdesks.

4. HROne

HROne is another significant HRMS provider that is a hire-to-retire solution. They have developed the ‘Inbox-for-HR’ tool that makes employee management easy to use as an email client. It ensures that the companies deploying the platform would be able to use it effortlessly.
HROne is also deployed on the cloud and has two payment plans: yearly or one-time licence. They were founded in 2013, and hence, they have developed multiple dedicated applications for all popular platforms, such as Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. If you do not wish to install their applications, you can also use the web app. They also provide API support and multiple customer service option like phone, email, live support, training, and helpdesk tickets.

5. Zoho People

Zoho People is a cloud-based HRMS platform from Zoho that improves employee experience to ensure enhanced employee engagement. Their primary goal is to develop the agility and effectiveness of the HR department to help them handle their daily activities with utmost efficacy.
Zoho People supports both yearly and per month payment plans. They have dedicated applications for Windows and macOS desktop platforms and have also developed mobile apps that are available on both Android and iOS. Their customer service options include phone, email, live support, training, and registering helpdesk tickets.

6. HR Mantra

HR Mantra is a cloud-based HRMS solution that fulfils multiple HR requirements. They have dual deployment options in the form of on-premise and cloud-based options. HR Mantra has focused on constantly updating its application to ensure that they stay on top of the statutory compliances.
As they have been in the business since 1996, they have dual deployment options and dual payment models in the form of per month and yearly payments. They support Windows and macOS with dedicated applications and a web app. They have also developed a mobile app which is available on Android to ensure remote access. They provide API support for integrations and multiple customer care options with phone, email, and a dedicated helpdesk.

7. Qandle

Qandle is a hire-to-retire HRMS platform that has a user-friendly approach. They provide the basic HRMS at a comparatively low price. However, the specialized processes required by the HR department, such as timesheet management, roster management, etc., require the help of paid add-ons. Due to this flexibility, Qandle is used by all kinds of businesses, from start-ups to large enterprises.
Established in 2016, Qandle’s payment can be made per month or annually. They have a web app for the desktop platform and mobile apps for iOS and Android. They have also provided API support for integration with other applications in their software. Their customer service consists of phone, email, live support, training, and registering tickets via their helpdesk.

8. Zimyo

Zimyo has targeted itself as an employee experience-enhancing tool. While they have all the standard HRMS modules, their focus is on enhancing employee experience using key features like an employee self-service portal, mobile app, etc. Their applications are geared towards improving the user experience and making employee management engaging for HR and employees.
Zimyo was established in 2018 and is a cloud-based HRMS. They have yearly and per month payment options. They have dedicated easy to use applications for Windows and macOS and a web app on desktop platforms. They have also developed iOS and Android apps that are available on the mobile platform. They provide API support and have multiple customer care options with phone, email, live support, training, and helpdesk tickets.

9. Akrivia HCM

Akrivia aims to enhance HR productivity by automating repetitive administrative HR tasks. They have implemented AI to improve the productivity of the HR department and ensure that the employees have a pleasant experience using their application. They even provide custom fields for database management to ensure that their users have the best experience.
Akrivia is a cloud-based HCM company founded in 2016. They have yearly, monthly, and one-time license plans. They have also developed a web app as well as Windows and macOS applications to ensure the same experience on all desktop platforms. Additionally, they have a dedicated Android app to provide remote access to their software. They support API-based integration and have multiple customer service options such as phone, email, live support, training, and helpdesk tickets.

10. Freshteam

Freshteam is a comprehensive AI-enabled HRMS that aims to make HRMS innovative and affordable for everyone. They have a robust solution that helps automate all the routine HR tasks and streamline most HR processes with AI’s help.
Freshteam is a cloud-based solution offered as a SaaS platform. The company was founded in the year 2010, and they accept payments either per month or yearly. They have dedicated Windows and macOS applications as well as mobile support in the form of an Android app. They also support API-based integrations and provide customer support via phone, email, live support, training and helpdesk tickets.

11. Oorwin

Oorwin advertises itself as a ‘Talent Intelligent Platform’. It utilizes the power of AI to complete its tasks efficiently. It also integrates the functions of a CRM, HRMS and an ATS in a single platform to ensure that the users can make informed decisions. Such kind of default integration helps with advanced analytics too.
Established in 2017, Oorwin is a cloud-based HR software with multiple payment models: annual, monthly and a one-time license option. They have a dedicated Windows and macOS application as well as a web app for easy desktop-based access. Their iOS and Android apps help fulfil their functionalities remotely. They also provide API-based support and have multiple customer care options: phone, email, live support, training, and ticket registration via helpdesks.

12. OfficeKit HR

OfficeKit HR is primarily an onboarding platform rather than an HRIS. Their HRMS has all the modules of a standard HR software; however, they have specially developed it as a talent management solution. In their pursuit to be a talent management system, they have provided recruitment management as an add-on to their primary software.
Office Kit HR has two different deployment modes as it can be used as a talent management system. Hence, they have provided cloud-based and on-premise deployment methods. The company was founded in 2016, and they have a monthly payment system. They have developed a dedicated Windows application and a web app for accessing their system. Additionally, they also provide API integration and email support for customer service.

13. PeoplesHR

PeoplesHR aims to simplify the employee management process by remaining user-friendly, customer-centric and innovative. In this pursuit, they have branched their solution into three different entities:
PeoplesHR: for on-premise deployment
PeoplesHR Cloud: for SaaS-based deployment
PeoplesHR Enterprise: for large-scale enterprise-level deployment.
The company was founded in 1997, and they have a monthly payment model. They have developed applications for both Windows and macOS for desktop access. On the other hand, they also have dedicated apps for remote access on both iOS and Android platforms. They support API integrations and undertake customer support via email, live support, training, and helpdesk tickets.

14. Talent Orb

Talent Orb has been envisioned as a new-gen ATS from the ground up. It can fulfil the various sections of the recruitment life cycle, from searching for eligible candidates to onboarding the perfect individual for a specific role. Such laser-focused dedication to the hiring module of the HRMS has made Talent Orb a one-stop solution for recruitment-related tasks.
Talent Orb was founded in 1999, and hence, they have both on-premise and cloud-based implementation options. They also have multiple payment models in an annual or monthly subscription or a one-time payment mode. They have dedicated applications for Windows and macOS, as well as a web app for universal access via internet browsers. They also provide API support and customer support via phone, email, live support, training, and helpdesk tickets.

15. Grove HR

Grove HR is positioning itself as the new HRMS for the ‘New Normal’. They wish to modernize the HRMS for new-age businesses by being agile, mobile-friendly, and social. They have emphasized the ‘agile HR’ methodology to highlight the capabilities of their HR software.
Grove HR was established in 2018, and they provide the cloud-based implementation of their HR software. They have annual and monthly payment-based subscription plans. They also have a dedicated web app for easy access from any device. As for mobile access, they have dedicated apps for both iOS and Android platforms. They provide integrations with the help of APIs and support their users via phone, email, live support, and training.

16. Wallet HR

Wallet HR is a comprehensive HRMS application that aims to be an all-in-one option for the HR department. They have focussed their efforts on ensuring that their application remains simple and intuitive despite the multiple enhancements they have added over the years.
Wallet HR was founded in 1993, and hence, they still provide on-premise deployment alongside cloud-based deployment. They have multiple payment models such as annual, monthly, and one-time licenses. They have also developed a Windows application and Android app for easy access. They support API-based integrations and provide multiple avenues for customer support such as phone, email, live support, training, and helpdesk tickets.

17. SANeForce Payroll

SANeForce Payroll and HRMS Software is an all-in-one platform that integrates several HR processes into a single software. They have developed their software to be an efficient HR and payroll management system primarily. They provide other standard modules such as time and attendance management by GPS, holidays & leaves, leave policy configurations, asset management, etc.
SANeForce has 20+ years of experience in the HRM domain. They have cloud-based deployment and support yearly payments. They have dedicated Windows and macOS applications and a web app for desktop usage. They have also developed a dedicated Android app for mobile use. They have API-based integration support and multiple customer service options via phone, email, live support, training, and helpdesk tickets.

18. Spine HRMS

Spine HRMS aims to modernize the HR processes to improve their productivity by automating repetitive clerical tasks. Spine HR has built its solid customer base by implementing an HRMS that is comprehensive and customizable, and intuitive. Such a system ensures that any company can use the software, from a start-up to a multi-national corporation.
Since its establishment in 2001, they have provided dual modes of deployment of its HRMS platform: on-premises and cloud-based. They also support both yearly and monthly payments. They have a dedicated Windows application and a web app for desktop access. They have also developed Android and iOS apps to ensure mobile access. Additionally, they provide API-based integration with other software. They have different support modes such as phone, email, live support, training and helpdesk tickets.

19. BatchMaster HeRd

BatchMaster HeRd covers all modules of the HR department to automate the HR processes and enhance their efficiency. It has an excellent analytics system that provides meaningful insights into different areas of employee management. Such insights help the company constantly improve its employee engagement efforts and improve productivity and profitability.
Established in 2000, BatchMaster HeRd has both cloud-based and on-premises deployment options. They also support both yearly and monthly payment modes. They have a web app which can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops to access their software. They have multiple support options such as phone, email, live support and training.

20. Ultimatix HRMS

Ultimatix HRMS is an all-in-one suite of HR modules that efficiently help HR undertake their tasks. It helps automate and streamline the HR processes by helping them organize the data, keep employees engaged, and provide meaningful insights.
Since the company was founded in 2002, Ultimatix HRMS has provided both on-premise and cloud-based deployment. They have dual modes of payment options with an annual subscription and a one-time license. They have developed applications for Windows, macOS, and Android platforms for easy access. They also have a web app. They support API integration and customer service via phone, email, live support, training and helpdesk tickets.


To summarize, these are some of the best HR software in India. However, you should pick your HRMS wisely since its deployment directly affects your HR department and employees. Hence, it would be best to weigh the pros and cons of each software before finalizing the ideal solution for your business.
You should also opt for cloud-based HR software in India since it would help your HR and employees access their system from anywhere, anytime. Similarly, you should also check whether the vendor is willing to provide you with a demo and customize their software as per your requirements. Having a scalable solution is also desirable as the system would be able to scale as per your increasing requirements as per the business growth.

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