10 Crazy yet Easy Ways to achieve Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness
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10 Crazy yet Easy Ways to achieve Workplace Wellness

If you end up spending most of your time at office, you perhaps may feel that it is an impossible feat to practice healthy habits during your work hours unless your company boasts of an in-house gym or a cafeteria offering healthy snacks.

Having a mini-gym in the office or access to healthy snacks at workplace is no less than a bliss. However, imagine the plight of employees, who don’t have either of the provisions at their workplaces.

Here are 10 easy ways for having a stronger spirit, body and focus at work.

     1. Always keep healthy snacks handy

We know it’s quite difficult to say no to those tempting cookies and chips for your tea break mid-noon. Rather than munching on those favourite chips of yours, consider having a pouch of almonds or an apple at your desk.   

     2. Bring your own lunch and hang out with health conscious colleagues

Yes, when you prepare your sandwich on your own, you get to control as what foods to include in it, which is not the case with that café back at your office. Though this might require some work to do at home, it’s totally worth the efforts. According to science, we tend to eat what our friends eat thus, it is advisable to surround yourself with health conscious folks at work.

     3. Don’t forget to stretch it out often

Make sure you take out 30-minutes of your day at work to flex your muscles or for a walk. This is because nothing can ruin your day than leaving your office with a sore muscle or cramp around the neck. Also, staring at your computer screen all day long is certainly a tiring thing to do that can strain your head, back, neck and eyes. Thus, ensure that you take short breaks in between, brighten down your screen, sit straight, shift positions and use eye drops for relaxing your eyes.

     4. Execute meetings on the go

Yes, take your meetings out on a walk where you can receive a good dose of sunshine and stretch yourself. Who knows, you can come up with some innovative idea while on the go? Also, try hitting the stairs instead of taking that elevator. Science says it’s good for heart.

    5. Power naps work as superchargers

Yes, power naps are proven to reinstate a person’s mental alertness to great levels. It helps to stay up and productive for the rest of your day. Meditation too is an excellent way to restore lost focus at work.

    6. Work outdoors

A room with computer screens, Wi-Fi signals and fluorescent lights is certainly not our natural habitat. So time to grab your laptop and move out of the office. It not only helps reduce stress, but also fetches you a good dose of Vitamin D. On the other hand, working non-stop the entire day is definitely not a good thing to do thus, ensure you take out time for yourself. Set aside time for a cup of coffee, browse through your social media feeds or engage with your co-workers over a good chat.

     7. Imbibe loads of water

Water keeps your body hydrated. Most importantly, it keeps those mid-day headaches away that are pathetic to have at work. Also, find out other means and ways to vent out workplace stress instead of bursting on your co-workers and peers.

     8. Start an unconventional office norm

Nothing can beat an unconventional or fun activity at workplaces. For example, designate a time each day for a quick boogie-woogie, wherein every employee stops doing their chore and shake their legs for a few minutes. Besides fun, it helps you get a quick workout daily and is also an excellent means to engage with co-workers.

     9. Turn the volume down

Loud music is detrimental to eardrums. So if you are the one, who is constantly hooked to headphones blasting loud music while working, then it’s time to turn down the volume. Bonus point, you can hear when the boss calls.

     10. Rest your hands

Hands do most of the chores at work than your legs. Thus, make sure to give your hands proper rest by stretching. You certainly would not want to suffer from carpel tunnel or writer’s cramp, do you?


Remember, moderation is the key. Healthy habits are all about balancing joy and work, standing and sitting, and vegetables/fruits and snacks. No need to stop having fun time with your co-workers, but be careful of how often and how much you pick one thing over the other.

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